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Little Sisters Satchel

Welcome to Little Sister Satchels

Handcrafted  totes, handmade wallets, handmade backpacks and belt bags made with love.

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Little Sister Satchels

Hello! My name is Tina and I am the sewist for Little Sister Satchels and created all the handmade totes, handmade wallets, handmade backpacks and belt bags that you see here. I began sewing as a hobby with the birth of my granddaughter and was wanting something more challenging than creating handmade blankets and pillow cases. I came across a pattern for small bag and found all the different steps that go into creating handmade bags to be interesting, versatile, and satisfying;

pockets, zippers, handles, leather, snaps, rivets...good stuff.


I really enjoy coordinating all the elements that go into a handmade purse, tote, or backpack. I have a growing collection of canvas, vinyl, and lining fabric that provides many options for anyone looking for a custom handmade satchel. I truly am a real-life little sister, and since my real-life last is "Little", my small business called Little Sister Satchels was created.

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